JODA ORGANIKAⓇ - nutritional supplement with organic form of iodine in pumpkin oil is recommended for everyone. This recommendation is guided by the World Health Organization (WHO) World Health Report, according to which it suffers from thyroid disease and impairment of its function up to 1/3 of the total human population. Another reason to take JODA ORGANIKA is that there has been a significant increase in iodine deficiency in the last five years.

On the basis of these facts, we are putting into attention the nutritional supplement with organic form of iodine, JODA ORGANIKA®.

PREVENTIONAL USE OF THE JODA ORGANIKA® nutritional supplement helps:

prevent the development of iodine deficiency, and thus the development of thyroid disorders

to maintain proper functioning of the thyroid gland

increase the quality of thyroid function

maintain high physical and mental performance

Using the JODA ORGANIKA®  nutritional supplement for existing thyroid gland disorders helps:

nourish the thyroid gland by the organic form of iodine (effective and safe for the human organism)

supply thyroid gland iodine to normalize its functions

remove iodine deficiency

to start the proper functioning of the entire endocrine system, thereby secondaryally adjusting bad blood sugar, blood pressure, or cholesterol

Recommended dosage:

for PREVENTION - 5ml per day

in case of FAILURE the function of thyroid gland - 10ml per day

In both dosing cases, we recommend taking the JODA ORGANIKA® dose after a meal and taking 2dl of clean water. At the same time, we recommend increasing the daily drinking regime to at least 2l of water.

Due to the oily nature of the nutritional supplement fluid, we recommend that JODA ORGANIKAⓇ be given with a spoon to avoid unnecessary loss when spilling from the measuring cup. One coffee spoon corresponds to about 5ml and one tablespoon is about 10ml.