About us

About us
We are a European company with no foreign investor or capital in the background. The founding of our company was preceded by several years of preparation that was driven by research and development aimed at addressing the issue of the lack of organic form of iodine in the human body. World research has shown that its deficiency may result in various serious disorders in the human body. Creator of the Joda ORGANIKA® nutritional supplement have experienced problems associated with lack of iodine in the body on their own skin. It has led them to explore the possibilities of transporting the iodine into its human organism in its organic and thus effective and safe form. After a few years of research and development, they finally found a way in which the organic form of iodine reaches the human body, and consequently helps our organism to gain a lost balance. Try beneficial impact of organic iodine thanks to JODA ORGANIKA® nutrition supplements!

In 2010, we managed to certify a nutritional supplement with an organic form of iodine called OLEJOVITA®, approved by the Public Health Service with certificate no. 060/2010 / N. In 2016, the product was renamed and certified (No. 006/2016 / N) under the new name JODA ORGANIKA®.

JODA ORGANIKA® is a product of SLOVAKIA which is produced in Slovakia from the highest quality raw materials. This is a CERTIFIED product that has also undergone a clinical study. A true story of the beneficial effect of organic form of iodine on serious thyroid disease is behind it. The experience of users of this product is the main motivation for its development and success. Stories about how JODA ORGANIC helps you to change your life for the better can be read on this page.

However, in our efforts, we did not stop and we worked on the development of other products.

We would like to introduce you to the popular JODA ORGANIKA® - a nutritional supplement with an organic form of iodine in pumpkin oil. The capsule form of this nutritional supplement is the result of an effort to satisfy all of its users and hence those who may have difficulty in taking the organic form of iodine in the pumpkin oil in its oil form. The production of this product in Capsule form has, however, brought many other benefits - the most striking are, in particular, simple capsule use, easier storage, or the ability to have these capsules always "at hand" and have them anywhere thanks to their practical packaging.

JODA ORGANIKA®, a nutritional supplement with organic form of iodine in LINSEED OIL, is another certified product of JODA ORGANIKA®, containing organic form of iodine.

It combines beneficial effects of organic form of iodine with important components of linseed oil. In addition to the highly positive effects of organic iodine, the nutritional supplement JODA ORGANIKA® is beneficial for health thanks to its other important element - LINSEED OIL.

Linseed oil contains fatty acids, which the body of a person is unable to produce and obtain only by food. Flaxseed oil contains essential linoleic acid, which is essential for survival and the largest amount of fatty alpha-linolenic acid, whose parts underline the antioxidant effect of the product. Compared with any other plant food, the lignans are the highest amount of lignans, substances that protect the cells from the effects of harmful free radicals. Lignans have antioxidant effects and have been found to have significant effects on the metabolism and function of the estrogen hormone. They can also act as prevention of cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis due to their estrogenic and antioxidant effects.

Last but not least, we would like to introduce you a novelty in the form of a JODERMAL® veterinary ointment because we do not forget the health of your pets!

In an effort to help animals and improve the quality of their lives, the creators of JODA ORGANIKA® developed a series of veterinary ointments called JODERMAL! These are certified ointments, the effects of which have proven to be effective and extremely successful in stimulating large or small wounds of any type, reducing infection or mitigating the negative effects on irritated skin. Cracked skin, eczema, fungal infections and many other annoyances may occur in animals of all ages and species. Because animals are part of our lives and they often can not help ourselves!

On our site, you will find many important information about the need for iodine for the human body to learn why the ORGANIC form of iodine is effective and safe for the human body. You will know the JODA ORGANIKA® SLOVAKIA products with an organic iodine form created by scientists, pharmacologists, pharmacists and other professionals. At the same time, you can read the experience of satisfied customers and users of JODA ORGANIKA® products. If you're looking for health promotion at any age, you're in the right place! We do not even forget about our pets, so you can also find JODERMAL® veterinary ointments on our site!