When my son, Denis, starts at official elementary elementary school, he was very happy of learning new things. Because Denis is our only son, every day we have tried to spend as much time on learning as possible, but also on joint games. When his class teacher gave us a special praise for his hard work and success at the end of the school year, we became proud of our son Denis.

After the holidays that Denisko had spent in the village, school has started. He was determined to achieve equally excellent results even though the second year lesson was somewhat more difficult. That's why we tried to make it even more intense. In spite of our help and Denisk's efforts, the expected results did not come.

The fact that our son began to get significantly worse ratings at the beginning of the second year at school we were initially attributed to the change of the daily regime after the holidays. But it was special that Denisko was trying to write homework even more than at last. His grades and teachers' ratings have become increasingly worsening.

Later, Denisko began to fall asleep in the middle of class. Once again, we have been called to school to explain it, but we didnt know why. Denisko had pale and dark circles under his eyes. Although he worked hard, he could no longer concentrate on homework. He did not manage to keep pace with other children at the gym, too.

Then we decicded to visit doctor.

After countless inspections, the results of which were vague, I decided to study something about similar cases and symptoms my son has suffered. The most important thing I found was two terms: thyroid gland problems and iodine deficiency.

He found on various forums that similar health problems suffer not only adults but also children. When I, almost in desperation, looked for opportunities on the Internet, I always found JODA ORGANIKA what was recommended for "thyroid gland problems and iodine deficiency". I admit, I paid little attention to it anyway.

But, when Denis's teacher talked about JODA ORGANIKA, too, I started to be interested in it. She talked about the fact that her sister had great experience with this product.

So, my son Denisko started to using JODA ORGANIKA every day. After two bottles, my son once again had a color in his cheeks and a taste for life and learning. The results were stunning for me. I came to the conclusion that the organic form of iodine was just what he missed. Today, Denisko is in third class and every day he achieves excellent results at school. I would like to point out to everyone that iodine, and especially its organic form, is really important for human health. Not only for adults but also for children. Even if, thanks God, Denis is healthy now, he still uses JODA ORGANIKA as a prevention. We certainly recommend it to everyone.