Lenka, 23

Diabetes is an unpleasant affair for the health of human. Especially if you are not sure how your health is at risk, what consequences can diabetes have on your health or how to turn it most effectively. These fears seem to be infinite. But it is up to us whether we will resist them and try to fight our health and well-being.

I admit that even in my 19th year I thought that the term "diabetes" means you just have more sugar than you should. I remember when I was 19 years old, because diabetes was diagnosed at that time.

However, at that time I understood that diabetes is a threat to everyone, it has different types and young people or children can meet it. Despite the avoidance of eating unhealthy meals, I caught up with me as well. Over time, I did not get involved without insulin, a strict diet and constant glycemic control. The sugar was fluctuating, sometimes really extreme. I felt like I could not influence it. These feelings that made me feel really hopeless.

I knew I had to learn to live with diabetes, but the health problems seemed so unpleasant to me that I had lost the desire to fight them. When I have high sugar several times a day, I stopped completely with that measurement. I ate and relied on insulin.

Fortunately, my family is made up of people who really care about my health, but also mental well-being. When they see how I approve of my illness and how I do not try to make any difference to my own efforts, they have decided to help me the best they knew.

I do not know exactly who this was the first idea, but my parents brought me a nutritional supplement OLEJOVITA (which today is called JODA ORGANIKA). In addition to the special diet that my mother prepared and classical treatment, I tried to try this nutritional supplement with the organic form of iodine in pumpkin oil. Together we read about its alleged effects and learned that it has beneficial effects on various diseases.

I decided to give this product a chance. Do you know why this nutritional supplement has later become my everyday part? On the day when my first OLEJOVITY bottle, which my parents donated to me, was almost gone, I measured my sugar after a long time. They showed me values that were better than I hoped for.

In addition to classical treatment and meals, I am always using JODA ORGANIKA (old name OLEJOVITA) nutritional supplement. It is something what can not miss for me. I am very grateful to all those who have been involved in trying this nutritional supplement and starting to fight for my health.