The meaning and function of iodine in the human body:

iodine affects all cells in the body

iodine is essential for the formation of thyroid hormones

iodine is essential for the production of hormones produced by other endocrine glands

iodine is a specific antioxidant that traps free radicals to protect cells from damage and significantly reduces the risk of disease

iodine has a positive effect on the development of a baby already in my belly

iodine may have a beneficial effect on reducing blood viscosity, correcting lipaemia and inhibiting cholesterol production

iodine can have a beneficial effect on increasing the immune system's functionality, suppressing depression, improving memory

The need for organic form of iodine

... is a phenomenon that guides us all our lives and begins with children still in mommy's belly. Mum needs iodine for normal and healthy pregnancy, baby for good growth and development. Endocrine organs and their healthy functioning also correspond to the ability of a woman to become pregnant and to a man's ability to spawn.

In puberty, at the time of sexual organ development and hormone production, iodine is responsible for their healthy development, necessary quantity and quality.

The nutritional supplement JODA ORGANIKA with organic iodine is an effective and safe nutrition for the human organism at all ages. It can act in the case of a healthy organism as a prevention of possible diseases, in already existing diseases, it helps the lost balance and disorders of the proper functioning of the endocrine system to get back to normal so that the endocrine system functions properly and healthy.