I got pregnant second time when my first-born son was 15 year-old. At that time, I was not young,  for which I was given many warnings by around me. Despite that, I did not worry, and I went through my pregnancy in happy expectation. The whole 9 months were without major problems perhaps thanks to my positive attitude.  After the unexpectedly quick and easy delivery, a perfect little girl came to the world.

However, once my daughter was born, calm pregnancy was replace by worries about my health. I felt incredibly exhausted, what I attributed to sleepless nights due to my baby. Similarly, I also explained the deterioration of the quality of my hair and nails this way. Despite the fact that these difficulties are normal for women after giving birth, I felt increasingly less in my skin. Nevertheless, I was convinced that this was not about any health problem and it was only exhaustion, which was a natural phenomenon because of my age.

However, this condition became a part of my daily life, and even at the time when breastfeeding and sleepless nights ended a long time ago. I decided to seek medical assistance only when my daughter reached 3 years of age and started to attend a kindergarten.

I found out that the cause of my troubles lied in the reduced thyroid function. I was fortunate that my doctor encouraged me to look for advanced options of solving this problem, so in addition to the classical treatment, I was searching for new information.

I learned about nutritional supplement JODA ORGANIKA ® that contains iodine in the organic form in pumpkin seed oil. The bonus for me was the fact that it is produced by a Slovak company. I decided to try it. I served a tablespoon of JODA ORGANIKA ® to me every morning after breakfast. After two weeks of a regular intake, I felt much better. The first distinctive sign for me was the fact that I felt fresher and there was no trace of my daily tiredness. The effect of JODA ORGANIKA ® was confirmed by my medical results that were very good after a month. Me and my doctor agreed that I would continue using JODA ORGANIKA ®. After nearly a year of taking it regularly, my results are perfect. However, I will continue taking it because now I know that the thyroid gland needs iodine always and the organic form of iodine contained in nutritional supplement JODA ORGANIKA® is the best option for the body. The feeling that I can fully devote to my family and work is priceless. JODA ORGANIKA ® is an excellent thing which I can only recommend to everyone having problems with the thyroid gland and as prevention and source of organic iodine.